Top 7 Best Oven Brand In India:Detailed Analysis

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Every customer has a difficult time looking for the Best Oven Brand in India as there is so many brands available in the market. How would someone be able to find which oven is right for him or her? And which brand offers best features with latest technologies, with brand warranty and after sales services?

In this article, we’ll talk about the Best Oven Brand in India and the unique features which makes them different from other brands.

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Let’s have a look at the

Top 7 Best Oven Brand In India

1. IFB

IFB has become a very common name in the home appliance world and specially for their Convection Microwave Ovens. The IFB ovens have the best features which is perfect for your culinary skills. It offers multi stage cooking to ease out grilling and baking. Some key points of their ovens to be highlighted are given below:

  • IFB ovens have the advanced cooking features like disinfection, auto cook settings, heating options and many more.
  • Their oven price range starts from Rs.4,400 to Rs.15,595
  • IFB ovens offers both grill and solo microwave but they are mostly famous for their convection technologies.
  • It comes with different capacity levels starting from 19 liters to 29 liters.

2. Morphy Richards

Morphy Richards ovens have become very popular in the Indian market for their advanced technologies of sensory protection and smart safety features. Their Microwave Ovens also ensure versatile cooking in a hassle-free manner. Their amazing features include:

  • Their ovens come with deodorize function which is very useful to ventilate the cavity and also freshen up.
  • Their ovens are in the price range starting from Rs.5,339 to Rs.32,000 which is in the higher range comparing to the other oven brands.
  • Their ovens come with variety of capacity levels which is suitable for both small families of 2 members and big families of 8 members.

3. Samsung

Samsung is One of the Best Oven Brand In India, offers the powerful and most stylish ovens which also makes cooking easy to take your pick according to your culinary needs. Samsung offers complete flexibility in terms of door handles, colors and power output. Samsung Microwave Oven has some best features including:

  • Samsung oven has features like tandoor technology, hot blast, slim fry, curd making, ceramic cavity, etc.
  • It offers variety of capacities ranging from 20 liters to 30 liters.
  • Samsung manufactures the best convection microwave ovens, also they offer grill and solo microwave ovens which are also very good.
  • The price range of Samsung ovens starts from Rs.4092 to Rs.13999

4. LG

Just like Samsung Convection Microwave Ovens, LG termed as Best Oven Brand In India with its innovative features. Whether to defrost or grab a quick bite, LG ovens have been popular at all times. It has amazing interior which can be easily cleaned. Some of its selected models of oven feature a pizza baking drawer with customized baking options from cookies to cakes. Its key features include:

  • LG ovens provide many auto cook menus including traditional Indian recipes. LG also provides features of baking many types of rotis like Naan, Kulcha, Paratha, Lachcha, Tandoori, Rumali and so on at one touch of a button.
  • LG ovens have different capacity level starting from 20 liters to 32 liters.
  • LG convection ovens can be used for baking along with grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking.
  • The price range of LG oven starts from Rs.5,640 to Rs.30,000 which is on the higher range comparing to the other brands.

5. Panasonic

Panasonic oven brings the best of Japanese technology to deliver the best product with the unique features. Its Japanese technology says that there is no compromise on taste, texture and nutrients. Panasonic calls their oven as micro-chef instead of Microwave. Their ovens have brought ahead the concept of zero-oil cooking to Indian kitchens. Its wonderful features include:

  • Panasonic ovens are capable of cooking a range of snacks, main courses and desserts. Besides the taste of the food, Panasonic ovens ensures healthy cooking.
  • It also comes with auto cook menus which is pre-programmed recipes, pre-set cooking times and temperature settings.
  • The price range of Panasonic ovens starts from Rs.5,498 to Rs.23,889.
  • It comes with the capacity levels which is suitable for small families of 2 member to big families of 8 members.

6. Bajaj

Bajaj ovens are different from the others because it features mechanical control knobs to maintain and control the temperature and heating level depending on the type of food you cook. Bajaj provides some amazing features including:

  • Bajaj Ovens come with reheating and warming functions which is very useful and also it heats the cooked food perfectly without overcooking them.
  • They manufacture a range of ovens from solo to convection models and also the ovens come with the smart options and safety features as well.
  • Bajaj ovens are quite efficient and comes in a price range of Rs.2,289 to Rs.9,099 which is also in the lowest range compared to the other brands but provides amazing performance.

7. BPL

BPL ovens are very easy to use and very popular for their efficiency. Their ovens consume less power than the other ovens. BPL ovens come with easy access features which is available both in convection and solo ovens. Their key features include:

  • BPL Microwave Ovens come with variety power levels and timer. Their solo ovens are built really well and their performance is amazing and capable of doing cooking jobs seamlessly.
  • BPL oven comes at the lower range of prices and also suitable for both small and large families of 2 to 8 members.
  • Their user interface is very easy to operate and easy to give cooking commands. It takes less time on cooking perfect foods. And their reheating and defrosting features works amazingly well.

Wrapping Up

These are the Best Oven Brand in India. Some are in the higher price range and some are quite efficient. Some provides the best services with the advanced technologies. All of these brands are very popular in the Indian market and they are famous for their different features and services.

We have discussed about their key features for which the brands are good for and famous for. You can choose according to your preferred features and services that you want to avail from an oven. Hope this article of Best Oven Brand in India will help you to choose your desired oven for your family.

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