Best Microwave oven Buying Guide

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The microwave oven has become a kitchen essential and every foodie wants to find for the best oven in India.

If you love to cook, reheat coffee, or frozen pizza, an IFB microwave wave is your best bet. Also, the best convection microwave oven is used to defrost and reheat stuff while conserving time and energy.

So, how to pick the best microwave oven? You might want to consider a few things while buying an oven.

Find the Best Microwave for Your Kitchen

To find the best oven in India, the most challenging is to figure out which type to buy. There are convection microwave ovens and IFB microwaves ovens available in the market. The best convection oven must have a fan and a heating element that produces airflow. It is optimum for grilling and baking purposes. While the IFB microwave is an ideal choice for small households. Bachelors and newbie cooks can use this oven for defrosting and making simple meals for every culinary desire.

For finding the best Convection microwave oven for even an IFB microwave for a reasonable budget, following standard features needs to be kept in mind:

Energy Consumption

Virtually all microwave ovens come with the default power settings. Higher voltage leads to a more efficient and quicker cooking experience. Whether you are hoping to prepare large meals or in bulk quantity, you need to look for a powerful oven. If the amount of food requirement is low i.e., for singles or two persons at most, go for a less powerful microwave.

 Auto Cook

The feature of the best oven in India is to must have an auto cook option as people have white-collar jobs now and they have no time to cook. The thing about this feature is that you can enter the dish type in the settings section, and the microwave oven will automatically adjust the heating time and power requirements. Typically, low-end microwaves do not have this feature. Therefore, if you do not have particular know-how about the heating time and power wattage, this auto cook feature is a must-have for your selected oven.

Children Lock

Kids should be kept away from electronics stuff, and in the case of ovens, it is recommended to keep the oven away from kids’ reach. However, in case of any problem, your selected oven must have a child lock. When idle, the best convection microwave oven needs to ask for a code or password for unlocking it.


Your selected Microwave oven must have a preheat feature. Some recipes require preheating of the oven at a specific temperature. With this feature, we can turn on the oven and keep it running for some moments till it is heated or reached the needed warmth, and then we can follow through the recipe.


Times lets you configure the time required for cooking. You can set the oven for it to operate between the 30s to 10 minutes. There are knobs or an LCD touch display on a standard microwave oven to help you in specifying the duration for the cook.

 Microwave oven accessories

 Every best microwave oven in India comes with accessories that might include mitts and gloves, the insulated glass medium or secure cookware, glass bowls or vessels, and oven stand to fit it on the counter or wall, in case your kitchen dashboard has no space to accommodate it.

To conclude, in order to buy the best convection microwave oven or IFB oven in India, we should consider the budget, user-friendliness and safety concerns.

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