Top 10 Best OTG Oven In India-Detailed Review & Buyers Guide

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The advancing technology in every field has made our life so much easier. We find so many appliances at our home that help us get through the day.

Coming to our kitchens, Best OTG Oven In India  is one such appliance that has made many of our tasks simpler for us.OTG Oven Full Form is Oven ,Toaster ,Grill, which is basic version of a Microwave Oven.

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An OTG Oven can perform various cooking activities like baking, cooking, grilling, reheating etc..

See the Best OTG Oven Models available in the Market ,Price Not Provided,As price changes time to time,When Best offers available.Check Best Price Now.

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Overview Of OTG Oven? | Best OTG Oven In India

OTG Oven is preferred over microwave oven by many professionals, even though OTG Oven is a smaller version of a microwave oven. 

From baking cakes to roasting chickens, there are multiple you can do with OTG Oven.

With an OTG Oven as your kitchen appliance, you can practically make everything at home. You can have healthy and delicious food at home.

Nowadays, each and every family has at least one foodie in their families, so to satisfy his needs, OTG Oven is a must buy.

There are many variants of OTG Oven in the market. These can be litre variant I.e they differ in their capacity or color variants etc.. Everyone wishes to buy Best OTG Oven In India, but there is no single Best OTG Oven as different people have different needs so each of their definition of best varies. There are many things a person should consider before buying an OTG Oven. Some of these features are:
2.Warranty Duration
3.Accessories along with OTG Oven
5.Value of price

Let's Dive In..

Top 10 Best OTG Oven in India

1 . American Micronic-AMI-OTG

With a capacity of 36 litres, one can think of entertaining a large gathering without having any second thoughts. Every feature of this  Best OTG Oven In India is perfect. The glass door is designed to be transparent with toughened double glass.

The glass door’s transparency allows you to look at the cooking process without disturbing it. The heat is also trapped in the glass to ensure a perfect cooking temperature.

The OTG has pre-programmed heat modes which make performing its several functions like toasting, broiling, baking etc. easy. Another impressive feature of this OTG Oven is its top and bottom element selection.This helps in the cooking of tasty food.

Top Features:
Built-in Automatic Timer.
More Racks and Trays.
Double Glass Door.
2-year warranty and 10 days replacement.

Pros & Cons


120 minutes timer

Temperature control is separate for lower and upper tubes

Build is strong


No inside light

High power consumption

2 . Prestige POTG 19 PCR OTG

Prestige being a Renowned Brand also manufactures Best OTG Oven In India,With 19 litres of capacity, Reasonable for small families and bachelors.

Can be  one of the best appliances for a contemporary kitchen as it allows you to bake cakes, make oil-free chapatis and pizzas, and many more food items.

This OTG ensures long-lasting and high performance with its high-quality stainless steel heaters on its four sides. It comes with a number of accessories to make your cooking experience wonderful and easy.

Other features are:

It has full-size glass doors that allow easy observation of food and better cleaning.
It has a handle on the top of the window which stays cool even if the window is hot as hell.
With rotisseries function, your food is evenly cooked from all sides.
It comes with 1 Year Warranty and 10 days replacement.

Pros & Cons


Light weight

Value for money


Overheating of the oven

3 . Bajaj 2200 TMS 22-Litre OTG

Being a 22-litre capacity OTG, Bajaj OTG serve 4-5 people at a time. Keenly designed to be compact enough to fit stylishly in your modular kitchen and make Baja OTG as One of the Best OTG Oven In India.

Apart from being stylish, adds up as a quality product with a stainless steel body that protects your OTG oven from rust and makes it long-lasting. Also ,featured with a function selection switch, which allows you to cook food at a different temperature level.
Other features are:

Comes with a built-in 60-minute timer
Also motorised rotisserie for you to cook a perfect barbeque.
Comes with 7 different and very useful accessories which all are must-haves.
It comes with 2-year warranty.

Pros & Cons


Lightweight and compact

Handle stays cool

Accessories are of good quality

Good heat distribution


The regulating dial gets hot, difficult to change temperature or timer

Too small in size

4 . Wonderchef 19-Litre OTG

If you are a bachelor or a small 2-3 member family, Wonderchef OTG is one of the standout OTG ovens offered to you. The best part is having a 3-in1 Feature, playing the role of a toaster oven and a grill, everything in itself. The window glass is heat-resistant up to 250 degrees.

You can now enjoy unbelievably tasty tandoori dishes at your home with the rotisserie and convection programs of your Wonderchef OTG. Many additional accessories are provided with this Best OTG Oven In India includes tray handle, baking tray etc..
Other features are:

Easy control functions like rotatory knobs.
A lamp indicator is present inside the OTG Oven for letting you know if its operating or not.
Built-in auto-power off mode with a bell.
2 Year Warranty and 10 days replacement.

Pros & Cons


Value for money

Light weight


Defective temperature settings

Short wire

5 . Morphy Richards 24 RSS

This OTG Oven is specially designed for you to discover a yummy and healthier way of cooking. With Morphy Richards OTG oven, you can enjoy the taste of delicious food items without worrying about the oil content in those items.

This appliance is designed with a non-stick baking tray, that allows to cook and bake almost everything without adding any extra oil. Another fascinating feature of this OTG Oven is that it has a removable crumb tray. With this facility, maintaining the hygiene of your appliance has become easy.

A clean well-maintained OTG Oven directly means that you are consuming healthy food with no interference from old and dirty foreign materials. 
Other features are:

Enabled with Stay-On function. This time bypass function allows the already cooked food to stay hot for an additional 2 hours, maintaining its freshness and flavours.Having inner chambers galvanised and rust-free which enables efficient heat-trapping for cooking food.
Comes with a wire rack
The motorised rotisserie is provided by forks for better grilling, broiling or roasting experience. 
It comes with 2-year warranty and 10 days replacement.

Pros & Cons


Light weight

Durable and easy to use


No time indicator

The oven’s body gets over-heated

6 . Borosil Prima 42 L OTG

Borosil Prima offers a capacity as large as 42 litres, with which you can practically serve to everyone in the party at once. It does not limit your baking dreams with the boundary of size. It has six stage heating functions, all of which function efficiently. You can choose any of these functions as per the requirement of your dish.

Another impressive feature of this OTG Oven is that even at lower temperatures, cooks food faster than any other OTG, helping to contribute towards saving the environment by saving electricity.

Think of any accessory that you need to fulfil your cooking session and Borosil Prima’s OTG Oven will provide you with it. To top the list, it has a 90 minutes timer and an automatic power indicator to make cooking most convenient.
Other features are:

Has a tray handle that makes sure you don’t need oven mitts by staying cool at all times.
Given the large capacity, you can roast a whole chicken in this OTG Oven by using its rotisserie rod.
Inbuilt lights to allow you to look at the food being prepared.
Comes with 2-year warranty and can be returned within 10 days.

Pros & Cons



Knobs are big so it’s easy to operate

Does not over heat


Baking tray is not of good quality

Does not have a detailed timer

7 . Morphy Richards 18 RSS

Made of stainless steel and with a capacity of 18 litres, it has ample space for food for a 2-3 membered family. The function of stainless steel is to heat the food uniformly and faster than usual for better cooking.

The best part about buying this OTG is its removable crumb tray which makes it easier for the user to clean the fallen food pieces on the appliance. This helps in keeping the appliance hygienic and provides a healthy cooking environment. The baking crumb tray is one of the most useful components of an OTG Oven.
Other features are:

The motorised rotisserie cooks the food evenly from all sides.
Comes with an in-built timer for your ease.
Comes with 2-year warranty and 10 days replacement.

Pros & Cons


Easy to use


Compact and stylish


No light inside

8 . Panasonic NB-H3200S 32 L OTG

This OTG Oven is completely suitable for cooking or baking large batches of food for a huge gathering. The USP of this OTG is its feature of fermentation which gives its users the most special experience while baking. Another exciting advantage of this appliance is that it can regulate different temperatures of the top and bottom of the food item. This allows perfect heating of food from both the top and bottom. The Panasonic OTG Oven with its sleek and stylish look is designed to look fabulous in your kitchen.
Other features are:

Has stainless steel body which allows a faster and efficient cooking experience.
Designed with mirror finish window.
With a number of knobs, it allows you to choose from a variety of heating combinations.
In-built cooking timer allows the food to be cooked with precision.
Comes with 1-year warranty and 10 days replacement.

Pros & Cons


Can take heavy Load


Upper and lower tray don’t work simultaneously

9 . Lifelong 16 L OTG

Lifelong OTG can be your best choice because it is designed to be compact from outside giving the interior a large amount of space for your food. One of the advantages of this product is that it has a smartly designed grill that can be used after cooking as well.

Contains three knobs at the side of it, each for controlling the temperature, element and timer of the OTG Oven. For people who like matte finished products, it is the best choice for them. This perfect looking, matte-finished OTG Oven adds style to your contemporary kitchen. 
Other features are:

Has an in-built cooking timer.
Cooking and crumb tray for providing a clean and hygienic environment to your food.
With it comes many more accessories to help you cook food efficiently.
Comes with 1-year warranty and 10 days replacement.

Pros & Cons


Easy to use and clean



Poor build quality

10 . American Micronic Instruments 28 L OTG

With the capacity of 28 L, it gives sufficient space for cooking food for a family of 3-6 people. One important advantage of using this OTG Oven is its toughened glass for its window. This glass saves the energy by not allowing heat to leak outside the interiors.

The heat trapped helps in saving energy by consuming less power from the source. It also serves the purpose of providing safety. It has the feature of in-built timer for 60 minutes which allows the cook to leave the food on its own and enjoy their movies or shows etc.. This OTG Oven is completely reliable for alarming the person after 60 minutes.

It has powerful heaters that make sure that the settings don’t reset after the power loss. With multiple functions enabled, you can grill, bake, cook, reheat and do tandoori cooking. Having so many wonderful features, it is a must buy and easily available anywhere in the market. 
Other features are:

Has an auto-off feature.
Comes with rotisserie rod
For your special recipes, it is enabled with stay-on function.
Comes with many accessories like crumb tray, wire rack etc..
2-year warranty and 10 days replacement.

Pros & Cons


Value for money

Good build quality

Easy to use


Short wire

Buyers Guide | Best OTG Oven In India

Difference between OTG Oven and Microwave Oven

A typical confusion that everyone has in their minds is whether to buy OTG Oven or a Microwave Oven. Even though both the items seem so comparable, there is a great deal of distinction in their usefulness.
An OTG Oven is a light-weight product which is the preferred choice of professionals as it is ideal for baking products. It takes more time to take as it uses traditional heatwaves for heating the food. But it consumes very less power as compared to microwaves.
Whereas, a microwave oven is a heavy-weight product, used by the beginners. With average baking quality and high power consumption, it is inferior to an OTG Oven.

Important features to consider before buying an OTG Oven are:

Power Consumption
Power consumption is one of the most important factors that should affect your choice. Carefully notice the Watt/Hr ratings on the appliance before buying it. 

OTG Ovens are available in many litre variants. One should know his needs and buy an OTG Oven with suitable capacity. Buying too large or too small oven can be a waste of money. Know your needs by considering the size of your family and the quantity of food that you are going to prepare using that OTG.

Just like everything else, OTG Ovens of different brands offer different warranty periods. Buy the one with a longer warranty period to save your money in case something goes wrong and stay on the safer side.

Timer and auto-shutoff function
For safe cooking of food and convenience of the cook, OTG Ovens come with built-in timers and auto-shutoff functions. Prefer the ovens that have clearly visible timers and properly working auto-shutoff functions.

Rotisserie is mainly used for cooking meat evenly. Both types of OTG Ovens are available in the market I.e with or without rotisserie rod. You can buy it without rotisserie if you’re a vegetarian else, go for the one which has automatic rotisserie function for a better experience.

With so many options available in the market, it is natural for a person to get confused about which product to buy. Every product is different and unique in its own way and offers something special.

Every now and then, new products with more advanced features keep releasing making the old ones inferior. Not everyone wants to bake cakes or not everyone requires a large capacity OTG Oven. So with different needs of different people, different products are best for each person.


As you are already aware otg oven full form is Oven,Toaster,Grill ,which is starting version of Oven,The above list contains the detailed review on Top 10 Best OTG Ovens In India. They cover almost every feature available in the market. So if you planning to buy a new OTG Oven or thinking about replacing the existing one, go through the list above which we have combined for your benefit and your needs.

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