Prestige Iris(750 Watt) Mixer Grinder + Prestige PHB 6.0 200 Watt 2 Speed Hand Blender with Blending Jar, Chopping, Whisking Attachment



  • Product 1: Warranty: 2 year
  • Product 1: Troubleshooting guidelines: i) Jar safety lock to ensure safety – product won’t start if not locked correctly, operating noise levels between 80-90 dB ii) Do not run the mixer grinder for more than 5 minutes continuously, give a gap of 2 minutes if you need to use for more time iii) Initial burning smell is to be expected due to evaporating varnish
  • Product 1: Motor type- 750 W, 3 stainless steel jar + 1 juicer jar ; Voltage(V) is 230
  • Product 1: 3 speed control, 3 multipurpose blade, overload protector, Body Shape: Cylindrical Shape
  • Product 2: Content: prestige hand blender with blending jar chopper ,whisking attachemnt and wall hook -phb 6.0
  • Product 2: Net quantity: 1 unit ; The blender has a multifunctional blade and a soft push button. It comes with a beaker and chopper accessory so you can chop onions, cheese and more
  • Product 2: Voltage: 230v
  • Product 2: Wattage: 200w