Microwave Oven Buying Guide (How to Choose Best For You?)

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Microwave ovens generally speed up the process in your dining operation. These convenient pieces of equipment help you meet kitchen needs by heating food to the proper temperature quickly.

Microwaves are great for cooking meals, defrosting frozen product, melting butter, and more. They are designed to have more durability and power and their solid-state, programmable controls make them user-friendly pieces of equipment,Detailed Steps on Microwave Oven Buying Guide, can help you To Pick a Right and Best Microwave Oven In India.

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Features You Should Consider Before You Buy


High-wattage models have faster cook times, a higher output, and can be used more frequently than low-wattage units. Microwave power is divided into three main groups: light, medium, and heavy. Wattage variances exist within each category.


Keep interior dimensions in mind as you shop for your unit – your equipment should be able to keep up with kitchen volumes. Exterior dimensions vary between different microwave ovens. The control panel can be mounted on the top or side, affecting how tall or wide the unit is.

Defrost Options

The microwave ovens can also be used to defrost food items. This option allows you to defrost the frozen foods rapidly.

Sensor cooking

An advanced microwave oven is equipped with Smart Moisture Sensors. It is an intelligent feature that adjusts the cooking time and the power level by calculating the density of moisture in the air and the food.


Out of available interiors, the ceramic interior allows easy cleaning and prevents discoloration due to grease and oil residue overtime. The ceramic interior is also scratch-resistant and anti-bacterial which promises to give you a better long-term performance that other interiors such as stainless steel.

Auto Cook / Programmed Recipes

The microwave ovens feature certain autocook menus and predefined recipes. These features allow cooking different types of food items with a single button click. These recipes come with predefined power levels and cooking time.


In order to prevent the mixing of odors from the previously cooked foods, the deodorizer function forces the internal air to the outside. Controls These microwaves are designed with either dial or touchpad controls.

Touchpad controls enable you to program the equipment, while dial controls are simpler to operate and more economical. Programmable microwaves are recommended for operations with many recipes requiring microwave use. It means less training for newbies in cooking and more consistent product output.

Let's break that down: Determine your foodservice operation's volume and match the power ranges to it. Decide which control panel configuration fits your space availability. Establish if programmable controls benefit the speed of your service.

Types of Microwave Ovens

Very critical point to know which Type of Oven To Buy?So,I added in my Microwave Oven Buying Guide.Generally, the microwaves classified into three groups based on the functionality in the kitchen.

Solo Microwave Ovens

These are standard microwave ovens known as 'microwave only models'. These microwave ovens are ideal for reheating, steaming vegetables, and cooking and defrosting.

If heating and defrosting foods are your only needs, then you can go for solo microwaves. These microwaves do not provide any advanced features for complex cooking.

Convectional Ovens

In a conventional microwave oven, which is also called a thermal oven, there are heating elements on the top and bottom of the oven chamber. So that the heat gradually radiates out from these elements to transfer heat to the food.

Apart from that, the convection oven has a third heating element in the back, separated from the oven chamber via baffle. It also has a fan that sucks air from the oven chamber past the heating element and back into the oven.

This means that food cooked in a convection oven is usually done about 25% faster than in a conventional oven. This time-saving can really add up on long-cooked items like for instance, roasting a turkey in a convection oven, which can save you about an hour.

Another benefit of a convection oven is that food cooks more evenly with all that air moving around it eliminates the hot and cool spots that tend to exist in conventional ovens. You can Check out List of Some Best Convection Microwave Ovens on Priceunder for latest 2020 brands of microwave oven.

Grill Microwave Ovens

These microwaves feature an internal grill. Through this microwave, you can cook, grill it to brown or crisp the food. These microwave ovens improve food textures and give yummier results.

Using this grill microwave oven you can grill meat, butter, and vegetables. It enables you to use both the grill and the microwave option together.

Which One to Choose?

Precautions You must Take

  1. Never cut the power cord for any purpose. 
  2. To use local adapters never use extension bolts. 
  3. To operate the microwave oven don't use metal utensils in micro mode. 
  4. Don't use plastic utensils in grill or convection mode. 
  5. You can use microwaves safe glass utensils in all the modes. 
  6. Never use aluminum foil in micro mode. 
  7. Don't cover the top of the microwave oven with a cloth, denial sheet, polythene, etc. 
  8. During operation don't put anything on the top of the microwave oven. 
  9. Don't open the cover or cabinet of the microwave oven by yourself as it is a high-voltage product and you may get an electric shock. 
  10. Don't use the product for other than cooking, as it may catch fire. 

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's are very important ,To clarify on any points ,which I missed in the article as part of Microwave Oven Buying Guide.

Why exactly do people think that microwaves are bad for health?

Microwaves use electromagnetic radiations to reheat and cook our food. But microwaves, which are used in a microwave oven, definitely not harm humans.

How do microwaves work?

Water molecule is a polar molecule that contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. The oxygen poses partial negative charge and the two hydrogen atoms possess partial positive charge. So that the water gets heated up and evaporates quickly by microwaves.

Can microwaves cause any damage to our health?

The Oven are designed in a way that the waves generated inside it cannot pass through the outer shell. Is the food cooked by the ovens safe? The answer is yes. The waves that are produced inside the ovens are not at all harmful to the living beings.

Why is it harmful to use plastic containers inside an oven?

The plastic containers can leach harmful chemicals. The harmful chemicals include BPA (bisphenol A). This chemical is harmful and it is a possible carcinogenic that means it is a cancer-causing compound.

Which containers can be used inside the ovens?

Because of the heat generated by the microwaves in the oven, some containers mey melt by absorbing the waves. Hence metal containers do not microwave safe and they absorb these waves.

Materials like microwave-safe plastic, glass, and ceramic do not absorb these waves. Hence they can be used in a microwave oven for heating purposes.

Our ovens are safe for heating liquids?

There is a small possibility while heating the liquid foods in microwave ovens, it may explode. So there should be utmost care should be taken while cooking and you should never open the oven after heating the liquid immediately after the heating.


Got a thought to publish a detailed Microwave Oven Buying Guide as I came across many Readers Contacting Me on which is Best Microwave Oven For Small and many more.

With This Detailed Information,I hope you are now clear, Which is Best Microwave Oven For You?