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Which Microwave Oven To Buy Online?

Out Of Multiple Top Brands In The Market,This Articles Helps You To Pick One ,Out of The Best Microwave Ovens In India.

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Confused?? Which Microwave Oven To Buy?

I am damm sure,You decided to buy a Microwave oven.Isn't It?  Yay!!!!

After seeing Multiple Models,Types,Price Ranges,It's really a hard task to Pick One Out of them, and make another appliance as an additional asset to your Kitchen.

Hitting this page and reading across, will conclude all your confusions and doubts.

“Prepare Hundreds of recipes, Will a click of  a button with Top Selling Microwave Oven In India

Modern Woman are so busy with multiple activities and want to Move towards Kitchen Automation.

Kitchen Automation?Yes.Microwave Oven can help such woman in making things faster.

Trending LG Microwave Oven

LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (MC2886BRUM, Black)

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Top Features

  • 20L Capacity: Suitable for bachelors & small families
  • Solo: Can be used for reheating, defrosting and cooking, Microwave Frequency(MHZ): 2450
  • Warranty : 1 year comprehensive warranty on product
  • Brand does NOT provide starter kit with this product
  • Control: Touch Key Pad (Membrane) is sensitive to touch and easy to clean
  • Child Lock: Ensures complete safety especially for homes with small children
  • Special features: 44 auto cook menu options with 28 Indian dishes
  • Also included in the box: Warranty card, user manual

  • "Microwave Oven Purchase is One Time Kitchen Appliance"

    "It is important to do Basic Research Before buying,As it is a One time Investment for any kitchen "

    - Trendy Avinash(Blogger)

    Best Microwave ovens in India

    Market of Microwave Oven at its best highs.Microwave Oven is the one of the kitchen appliance,Top Brand Like LG,IFB,Samsung and Bajaj are into Microwave oven Manufacturing, to deliver the best kitchen appliances.

    Don't worry about too many brands,You are going to filter down, which is the Best  Oven to buy at the end of this article.

    Best Convection Microwave ovens

    LG 28 L Convection Microwave Oven – MC3286BRUM

    LG being one of the Favourite Kitchen appliance maker in India,I personally user LG Brands for thier quality and support of the products.

    The Caption of Life's Good,Atleast for my,Feel Good When i purchase any LG Kitchen appliance.

    LG 28L Convection Microwave Oven

    This 28-litre capacity oven will be a choice for big families. Being a convection oven, it can be operated for various activities. You can bake, grill, defrost, reheat, and many more. It also features diet fry and Indian Roti basket for a healthy diet.

    This microwave has 301 Indian auto-cook menu options with diverse purposes to use the oven for. Some of the noted features are:

    The diet fry features allow you to prepare your favourite crispy delights with minimum use of oil.

    Using the pasteurize milk feature, get rid of the fussy, conventional technique of boiling milk.

    The 360o Motorized Rotisserie gives you the taste and crispness of bar-be-que recipes at home.

    You get a specially coated, non-stick tray for extra browning and bottom heating.


    • Multiple Cooking Options
    • 28-Litre Best For Medium Families
    • Easy to User
    • Safe to Use


    • Little noisy
    • Weight is More

    IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven (25SC3, Metallic Silver)

    The Brand IFB is a global company ,specialized in Manufacturing of kitchen and home appliances. IFB is one of the Top 10 Microwave Oven In India

    Ifb 25 L Convection Microwave oven

    This convection oven allows features like cooking, grilling, defrosting, and reheating.

    Some of the other noted features are:

    Auto reheat features reheat your food at different power levels.

    Cooking gets fast-forwarded with an express cooking feature. You just need to set the weight and press the buttons.

    Keep food warm with temperature constant without overcooking.

    Easy to clear out the grease from your oven with help of steam clean.

    You can set 3 cooking styles in the memory of the oven using multi-stage cooking.


    • Excellent for Small and Medium Sized Families
    • Comes with Starter Kit
    • High Quality and Performance


    • Based to Put Cooking Metals is Small

    Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven(MC28H5033CK, Black)

    Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC28H5033CK, Black)

    This is a 28 litre convection microwave oven which is suitable for large families.

    • The tandoor technology creates a 200 degree environment in the microwave oven to produce proper and crispy naans or rotis with just one touch.
    • The fermentation technology allows you to make homemade curd anytime.
    • Enjoy the taste of local food by choice of pre-programmed recipes using simple touches.


    • Highly-efficient performance with attractive looks.
    • Six various power levels ranging from 40-200 degree Celsius.


    • There is no starter kit accompanied by the product.

    AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave (Black)

    AmazonBasics 30 L Convection Microwave (Black)

    This 23L convection oven is suitable for the daily cooking and heating requirements of a family of three to four members. Some of the notable features are :

    • Its convection function lets you cook, bake, grill, defrost and preheat the microwave oven with a smooth touch of the button.
    • This microwave oven has an aesthetic LED display panel with 65 Auto-cook options and a child lock safety feature.
    • With a timer available to track the heating and cooking of foods, your work is made more manageable.
    • Also, the defrost option cuts down the wait time required for food to thaw, enabling you to cook within minutes of defrosting.


    • Digital Controls - with LED Display
    • Best For Medium Sized Families


    • No User Manual

    Best Solo Microwave Ovens

    Samsung 23L Solo Microwave oven – MS23J5133AG/TL

    Samsung 23L Solo Microwave oven – MS23J5133AG:TL

    This appliance cannot be used for baking or grilling. However, this is the Top used  Microwave Oven  at a low price.

    • Foods are warmed at a proper temperature. It neither over-cooks nor under-cooks the food.
    • There are 16 pre-programmed recipes available.
    • There are four modes for melting chocolate, sugar, or butter.
    • The power defrost option defrosts the food properly without making it soggy.


    • It comes with six different levels of power.
    • With user-friendly options, it is convenient to use at home.
    • Best microwave oven at low price.


    • The dark colour of the glass makes the inner view difficult.
    • Not suitable for baking and grilling.

    Bajaj 1701 MT- 17 L Solo Microwave Oven 

    Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (1701 MT, White)

    Bajaj 1701 MT is One Of the Best Selling Microwave Oven In India.This is the Best used  Microwave Oven  at affordable budgets.

    • Cooks Best and quick, use Cooking Menu For Identifying Multiple Recipe For Cooking.
    • Cooking Menu Book  Available.

    IFB 17 L Solo Microwave Oven – 17PM MEC 1


    LG 20L Solo Microwave oven – MS2043BP


    This 20 L solo microwave oven is best suited for small families with two to three members, or even for bachelors. The Solo function of this oven lets you reheat, defrost, and cook foods with ease. Some of the other notable features of this product are:

    • It provides healthier and faster cooking with the I-wave technology, which circulates microwaves evenly inside the cavity.
    • It comes with an anti-bacterial cavity avoiding bacteria growth inside, ensuring the health of your family.
    • This microwave has 44 Auto-cook options along with 28 Indian dishes. And it has an automatic display off feature after the standby mode duration of 5 minutes, allowing you to save energy consumption.
    • This oven comes with a child lock function, ensuring the safety of children in the house.


    • Auto Cook Menu
    • Intellowave Technology
    • Energy Saving
    • Anti Bacterial


    • Cannot do Baking

    Morphy Richards 20L Solo Microwave Oven – 20 MS

    Morphy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave Oven (20 MS, Black)

    Best Grill Microwave Ovens

    LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven – MH2044DB

    LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven – MH2044DB

    Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (2005 ETB, White)

    • Best Microwave Oven- Complete Buying Guide

      Modern-day kitchens are incomplete without microwave ovens. Microwave ovens have become an indispensable appliance for baking cakes, grilling kebabs, roasting meat, defrosting butter, and even basic cooking.

      You cannot deny that microwave ovens provide faster cooking, use less energy, and cooks the food in and out.
      As you all know, a wide range of Microwave ovens are available in the market now. As a consumer, it is necessary to know which the Best Kitchen Appliance for your family.

      In this article, we will provide you complete guidance for buying the Best Microwave Oven for you and your family. So let’s get started!

      Principle behind the working of Microwave oven.

      Microwave ovens work on the principle of electromagnetic induction. They use high-electric electromagnetic waves, primarily known as microwaves to cook the food. These waves raise the temperature of the food by creating a high-electromagnetic field around it.

      The metal body of the oven comprises a Magnetron, a microwave generator. It converts electricity into high-charged radio waves, and these waves are efficiently absorbed by sugar, water, and even fats.  Thus, the food gets cooked from inside.

      Traditional oven v/s Microwave Oven: Which is the best?

      Traditional Ovens

      Microwave Ovens

      The principle on which they work is Conduction of heat.

      Radio waves are used for heating the food,

      The heat is generally transferred from the outer side of the food to the core.

      The radio waves penetrate into the core and provide excitation to the fat and water molecules, thus evenly distributing the heat.

      The surrounding region of the food also gets heated up.

      The food gets uniformly cooked within lesser time and using lesser energy.

      Types of Microwave oven available.

      There are two broad types of microwave ovens, namely- conventional ovens and convection ovens.
      Convention ovens are further classified into Solo and grille ovens.

      Conventional Ovens

      Convection Ovens

      The heat generated rises from the bottom towards the top and is constant.

                   The heat generated is circulated using fans, and it travels every possible place in the open space.

      Cooking food requires time as the heat is constant.

      Food gets cooked 25% faster than convection ovens as the heat generated spreads evenly.

        The conventional oven is the best used oven for baking if you cannot handle the fan speed in a convection oven.

      The fan speed must be carefully regulated while baking.

      Solo Convention Ovens

      Grille Convention Ovens

      Best for reheating and cooking.

      Best Oven for baking and grilling.

      They are used to defrost, reheat foods, prepare tea or coffee, and even pizza and noodles.

      They are used for defrosting, reheating foods, preparing tea or coffee, bake pizzas, cook noodles, and for grilling.

      Styles of Microwave Ovens available in the market

      There are four basic styles of microwave ovens available in the market today:

    • Counter-Top Microwave Ovens:

    These are portable ovens, which can be easily carried to any location for cooking. Their prime function is to thaw frozen foods, reheat foods, prepare popcorns, and other cooking tasks. The only disadvantage of them is they occupy a lot of space.

    • Above-Range Microwave Ovens:

    These ovens are the best when it comes to space adjustment; they are compact and new in the market. They are generally installed above the cooking range. These ovens have fans with various speed options to circulate the heat generated. Exhaust fans are available to cool down the machine. They are considered the Top Microwave Oven for modular home kitchens.

    • Microwave Oven Drawers:

    This particular type of microwave oven is a new technology and is yet not available in India. It is similar in function as the above two types of ovens. They do occupy space above counters. The prime advantage of them is they are easy-to-operate as they are fixed inside drawers beneath counters. They occupy lesser space but must be installed by professional workers.

    • Dual Oven: Microwave and Conventional Oven in One

    These types of ovens are considered the most luxurious ovens available in the market. They comprise of dual compartments, The Upper compartment is a small microwave oven, and the bottom part is a larger conventional oven.

    Power and Size of different Microwave Ovens

    The capacity of microwave ovens for different families:

    • For nuclear families: the ideal capacity is 19 litres.
    • For a family of 4-5 members: the ideal capacity is 25 litres and above.
    • For larger families: the ideal capacity is 28 litres and above.

    The power consumption of a particular microwave oven depends on the capacity of it. The larger the capacity of the oven, the higher is the power consumption.

    Top Features of Microwave Ovens available in India

    The best microwave ovens in India are manufactured by companies like LG, IFB, Samsung, Bajaj, and Morphy Richards. Some of the key features of these ovens are:

    1. Auto-Cook Menu: this option comes handy for most operators. All you need to do is to select the type of your dish and the weight. The oven automatically sets the time and power required.

    2. Child-lock feature: this feature prevents children from opening the oven midway of frequent cooking. This protects children from the excessive heat produced inside the appliance due to cooking.

    3. Rotisserie: rotisserie is a cooking style used to denote grilling or barbecuing of vegetables, poultry, and meat. To prepare rotisserie meat, you must choose the Best  Oven and grill.

    4. Defrosting: This is an in-built feature of the oven. It melts the food by raising the temperature of the machine above the food. You just need to select the option and the weight.

    5. Automatic Timers: Ovens have their in-built automatic timers which operate based on the nature of the food and its weight. However, time can be set manually, as well. The timer helps to shut down the machine after the time is up to prevent over-cooking or burning of the food.

    Different Panels available in Microwave Ovens are:

    After considering the features, you now have to consider the panel type while buying the Best Microwave Oven.

    • Mechanical: Solo microwave oven usually comes with a mechanical device that controls the temperature and the time. These mechanical panels are durable and need not be replaced frequently.
    • Tactile button: These buttons have out of the ordinary features that allow you to set timers and other controls with a soiled finger. The best part of those buttons is that while doing so, you can't damage the microwave oven.
    • Feather Touch: Feather touch is an innovative device that works like a mobile touch-screen. You can feel your fingers in this device. By using this feather touch panel, you can set exact temperature and timing.

    Tips for Safety

    You will also have to follow some safety tips after purchasing the  Best Oven to make your oven durable and long-lasting.

      • Clean the inside and outside, including sealing of the oven door after each use.
      • Use oven mitts regularly as the vessels might be too hot.
      • The microwave oven should not be turned on when it is empty.
      • Do not ever allow the microwave oven to operated by your kids.
      • Do not use metal cooking utensils or metallic-edged vessels.
      • Always use cookware that is safe for microwave use such as ceramic, glass, paper, and plastic.

    Myths about Microwave Ovens:

    • Cooking food in oven reduces the nutritious value of the food:

    Ovens use less amount of water for cooking food, thus retaining more nutrition of the food. Food nutrition gets spoiled only in more water.

    • Microwave ovens cook the food completely:

    Precisely, microwave ovens can cook food up to 1.5 inches into it. Thus it is wrong to say ovens can cook food all the way through.

    Facts about microwave Ovens

    • Microwave ovens are non-cancerous.

    • Preferably ceramic or microwave-proof glass containers are better to use as microwave utensils than ordinary plastic containers in microwave ovens.

    Final Thoughts

    By now you might have got a clear idea about the microwave ovens. Choosing a perfect microwave oven for your kitchen is indeed not an easy task.

    According to us, the Best Microwave Oven  is one which is low in price, low in power consumption but high in quality.

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