Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000 : Detailed Review – 2023

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Hey, are you searching for the Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000?

With lots of guides available across internet which is Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000,It is very important to bring unique information which was not tapped by many articles being very useful guide for microwave oven lovers,This article brings you closer to the  best microwave oven, which is easy to pick the best small appliance for your kitchen.

Out of all the models and types of best microwave oven under rs 10000 picking a best is challenging, we took the challenge to squeeze big list to 8 products which are Best Microwave Oven Below 10000.

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While picking the Best ,we considered below factors and collected reviews from Real User to bring to you the best and durable product which stands as an asset for your kitchen for decades.

Below are some of the important Factors we validated and finalised the list,There can be multiple other factors , but these factors will filter out the best 

  • Budget Friendly Under 10000
  • Family Size
  • Type of Operation
  • Options for Cleaning
  • Build Quality
  • User Reviews
  • Features Availability
  • Power Consumption
  • Auto Cook Options
  • Space Usage by the product
  • Starter Kit Availability
  • Warranty Duration

1 . LG 20 L Solo Microwave Oven


LG microwave oven is one of the Best Microwave Ovens In India. LG is one of the premium brands of India, producing many electrical appliances and also affordable.

LG oven is efficient in power-saving; also have Indian Rasoi functions and 28 auto-cook options. Probably it is the Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000 at present. 

Key Features

Auto Cook Menu

Recent Microwave Ovens getting Auto Cook Menu Option to use the product easily , put the ingredients and select the recipe ,your  desired food will be ready in minutes.

Intellowave Technology

LG implemented Intellowave Technology to make the cooking healthy and fast.

Anti Bacteria Coating

The Product has Anti Bacteria Cavity Coating, which helps in cleaning and control bad smell.

Keep Warm

LG Microwave Oven keeps the cooked food warm for 90 minutes, means no hurry of eating once cooking finish.

Energy Saving

Many people planning to buy a Microwave Oven think Oven uses more power, to fix such issues LG implemented Energy Saving Features 


  • Energy Saving
  • Auto Cook Menu
  • Keep Warm Longer


  • Started kit not available with this Product

2 . Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven


Samsung Convection Microwave oven of 21 L is another Best Microwave Oven Under 10000. This kind of oven is enough for a big family. This oven is an expert in preparing any type of dish.

It is a specific quality of oven which has a cavity coated with ceramic that enhances the longevity of the oven. It consumes 2350 watt power in convection mode. The body is scratch resistant and is easy to clean, making it one of the Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India.

Key Features

TDS(Triple Distribution System)

TDS is an innovative technology used in thier product to cook the food evenly, which makes each part of the food is cooked and delicious.

Power Defrost

This feature helps the cooking easy and faster which saves energy.

Keep Warm

Have option to make food warm, whenever you want to heat the food.

Anti Bacterial Protection

This feature helps the food to be safe from bacteria and consume food to keep good health.


  • Power Defrost
  • Anti Bacteria Protection
  • TDS Feature


  • Started kit not available with this Product

3 . IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

IFB 20 L Convection Microwave Oven (20SC2, Metallic Silver, With Starter Kit)

The speciality of a convection microwave oven is that it can also be used as a solo and a grill microwave oven. This model is one of the Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000 in India.Expert in preparing stuffed vegetables, rice dishes, tandoori and desserts. Presently, it is the Best Selling Microwave Oven In India.

Key Features:

Auto-Cook Options

Auto cook feature helps to cook food easily with touch of a button by selected desired recipe

Child Lock

Child lock is a best feature with children these days place across the home,This is very helpful on the safety perspective.

Time Display

Display of the remaining time helps to monitor the cooking progress ,which is easy to plan the time accordingly.

Power Grill

This feature is used in this microwave for using the grill modes to cook delicious meals.


  • Power Grill
  • Child Lock
  • Time Display


  • Customer Support Issues

4 . Whirlpool 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

Whirlpool 25 L Solo Microwave Oven (MAGICOOK PRO SOLO 25, Black)

Whirlpool has introduced their latest convection microwave oven of 20 L. This is one of the Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000This model is in high demand due to its functional abilities.

It can cook without oil and allows cooking more than 100 Indian dishes. Items like cakes, desserts, sabzi, snacks, curries, tikkas, continental, bread, rice and beverages

Key Features: 

Zero Oil Cooking

Being Convection Microwave cooking can be processed without a drop of oil, which helps us to eat tasty and healthy food.

Smarter Fryers

Whirlpool microwave has smart features and making cooking mush faster saving energy and time.

118 Indian Auto Cook Menu

The product specially designed for Indian style of recipes and cooking with a touch of a button with wide range of Auto cook menu.

2 Minute Recipe

Whirlpool offering multiple recipe which can cook in 2 minutes,The recipe can be fetched from the product specially designed app.


  • Smart Cooking
  • 118 - Auto Cook Menu
  • 2 Minute Recipe


  • Sound is more some times

5 . Panasonic 20 L Grill Microwave Oven

Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

Panasonic microwave oven is of the grilled type that means you can prepare grilled items. Being one of the Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000, it has various dish-wise modes and also reheating functions. 

Key Features


Reheat option helps to keep you to heat your food whenever required.


Defrost option help to save time with quick cooking


Auto Cook Option is used as shortcut to cook food as per your recipe.

Digital Control Panel

Digital Panel helps to use the Microwave Oven easily with clear display on the panel with buttons and display.


  • Digital Panel
  • Auto Cook Menu
  • Defrost Option


  • Starter kit not available

6 . Godrej 20 L Convection Microwave Oven

Godrej 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

Godrej Company has launched this model at an affordable price. Now it is one of the Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000. It also has modes like reheat, main dish, dry dish, soup, snack, tandoor, Japanese, dessert and cake modes.

The body is made of stainless steel and also scratch-resistant. It also LED display that helps you check the time of the cycle.

Key Features

Multi Distribution

This feature makes the cook even and tasty with cooking across all the corners, so that cooking completes on full.

Stainless Steel Cavity

Stainless steel cavity helps the product for long lasting and easy cleaning option on any spill of food on the plate.

LED Display

LED Display is available in this Microwave Oven for easy usage of the product with direct shourt cut to operation the appliance.


  • Display Panel
  • Steel Cavity
  • Multi Distribution


  • Starter kit not available

7 . Morphy Richards 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

It is one of the Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000 you can buy online. It has five power levels for different cooking requirements.

It can make cupcakes, chips, popcorns, pulao, rice, roti, pasta, upma, dhokla, paneer items and many more. It has a defrosting facility too. It has five power levels to control the temperature. 

Key Features

Power Levels

Different Power Levels in the appliance helps to use easily as per the required temperature.

Jog Dial

Jog Dial is used in this Microwave Oven options which is used to operate the appliance easily without any confusion.

Mirror Finish

This feature is very useful and attractive to see the the food items inside the Oven.

Defrost Function

As we discussed multiple times Defrost is the feature used in all most all microwave oven to make the food cooking faster then the traditional Microwave ovens


  • Defrost Function
  • Mirror Finish
  • Jog Dial for easy Operation


  • Starter kit not available

8 . BPL 20 L Convection Microwave Oven


If it comes to the best-looking sleek designed model, then this convection oven is the one. It is one of the Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000Convection ovens have endless functions, and it can make a cake, beverages, spaghetti, pizza, chicken dishes.

It is the combination of convection and grilled oven. It has a keypad controlling system and stainless steel cavity inside. 

Key Features

Steel Cavity

Steel Cavity also helps to heat food quickly and lasts longer with strong body of the product.

Auto Cook Options

Auto Cook Option helps to select the recipe and Microwave will pick all required heat levels

Smart Power Selection

Smart Power Option is very much useful to save power bills and Microwave will use power when required.

Local For Vocal

Product is showing support for Vocal For Local, which is designed in India


  • Auto Cook
  • Steel Cavity
  • Smart Power Selection


  • Users reporting Customer Support Issues


These are a list of Best Microwave Ovens Under 10000 this year within an affordable price. Though there are multiple other Models Based on the Budget,Bajaj Microwave Price is very competitive .

With the help of these ovens, one can have any kind of restaurant-oriented dishes preparing it at home.

So, one should go for one of these ovens, according to one’s needs.

Which Oven you want to Opt for?